Love Each Other or Perish Together

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Haters, they hate themselves because they can’t have what you have.

Thank you for letting me go. I really do appreciate it. Because of what you did, I met a man who’s worth it to see me at my best.

Brand new external hard drive daw…

…tapos nilagyan nyo ng sandamakmak na movies, hd pa daw. Edi hindi na brand new yan, di na fresh from the box. HAHAHA. Nag-iinarte!!

Love life

  • *2 minutes before lunch*
  • Wiena: Nylma, totoo ba??
  • Me: Hmmm?? Na ano??
  • Wiena: May boylet ka??
  • Me: *grins widely* *nods slowly*
  • Wiena: Haha, confirmed!! Naunahan mo pa si Jo.
  • Me: Oh? Akala ko naging sila ni Michael?? Or si Jade?
  • Wiena: MU lang sila, puro flings lang yan.
  • *While eating lunch*
  • Wiena: Jo, confirmed!! Meron nga.
  • Jo: So totoo nga yung sa fb.
  • Wiena: Eh mahal mo??
  • Jo: Eto, ang tanong.
  • Wiena: Curious lang. ^_^
  • Me: *Laughs* *Smiles* *Laughs*
  • I really don't know how to answer this in front of them, I felt like melting. LOL, ihotseat ba naman ako? But inside, I was like "Syempre naman, hindi ako nanahimik ng 18 years para hindi sya seryosohin". And do I really look like I am not capable of that feeling?? Am I the type who can't love?? Haha, but I understand, mukha nga talaga akong di ganun, but hey, I did love once, kaso may niligawan sya nun, sinagot sya, and I'm out of the picture *Dies* loljk.
So me.

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So me.

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Psychology says, pretending to be happy when you are in pain, is just an example of how strong you are as a person.

Prayer. The free wireless connection. Try it. You may like it.

A true friend listens to you when you need it most, not just when it’s important.

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Reading a book and not finishing it is becoming a habit of mine. I don’t know what has gotten into me.

Me too </3 But I’m trying to avoid this. T_T

Kung pwede lang sana magsex ang mga pera ko para dumami sila….

kaso truth hurts… </3

Kung iiwan mo lang ako para sa iba… Pambihira! Sandali magbibihis lang ako at ihahatid pa kita!

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I usually do things alone. Nasanay ako na ako lang ang gumagawa ng mga bagay bagay. I don’t usually seek help from people around me. I guess it’s pride. Ayoko lang. Nakakahiya. Ewan.

Being madly in love feels like you’ve found your forever and better half.

Di ko akalaing di ako makakapag-open at makakapagcheck ng tumblr pag nagstart ako ng work. Haha. Mamaya sa laptop ako mag-oonline. Nakakamiss!